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Healthcare Won't Reform Itself, writes Kaiser Chief

Posted by Ken Accardi on Feb 15, 2010 5:21:00 PM

George Halvorson, the CEO of Kaiser Permanente, continues to emerge as one of my heroes.  Since Kaiser is a managed care George Halvorsoncompany, they win by providing the best care at the lowest cost.  If they don't provide the best care, they loose customers.  If they don't provide the lowest cost, they loose earnings.  For this reason, George always offers a fact-based perspective on where the improvements lie in our system of health.  His book Healthcare Will Not Reform Itself might be in the running for Ankota's book of the year.  For information about last year's book of the year, The Innovator's Prescription, by Clayton Christensen, click here.

Healthcare will not Reform Itself

A few of the provocative quotes and facts from Halvorson's Healthcare Will Not Reform Itself, are listed below:

  • "Health care in America is badly organized, highly inconsistent, internally dysfunctional, sometimes brilliant, almost always compassionate, close to data-free, amazingly unaccountable in key areas, too often wasteful, too often dangerous and extremely expensive" (from the book's introduction)
  • US Healthcare costs $2.7 Trillion
    • 1% of the patients consume 30% of the dollars
    • 5% of the patients consume 50% of the dollars
    • The healthiest 50% consume only 10% of the dollars
  • 75% of the money is spent on Chronic Diseases
    • 80% of this is spent by patients with 5 or more chronic diseases
    • Care coordination deficits are a primary driver
  • "We can have a huge impact on care costs and care quality by making care better coordinated for about five percent of our total population. That is entirely doable if we choose to do it"

Ankota is the pioneering company in the field of healthcare delivery management.  Ankota provides software to improve the efficiency, coordination and efficacy of care delivery outside the hospital.  To learn more, go to www.ankota.com or contact us.

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