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The Common Sense Explanation of Accountable Care

Posted by Will Hicklen on Jul 23, 2012 5:46:00 PM

Better Care at Lower Costs: Clearly explaining Accountable Care. Learn how ACOs are organized, what the incentives are, and how patients ultimately benefit.

Former CMS Administrator Don Berwick does an excellent job of clearly explaining Accountable Care. Learn how ACOs are organized, how they are incentivized, and how patients lives are ultimately improved. Berwick is well known as a big thinker and as the policy wonk who coined the phrase "Triple Aim," which he used to describe the goals of health care reform: improving patient experience, improving population health and reducing costs.


Berwick has been openly critical of the healthcare system and a strong proponent of reform, saying, "20-30% of health spending is 'waste' with no benefit to patients, because of overtreatment, failure to coordinate care, administrative complexity and fraud." He lays part of the blame on CMS regulations.

 Fundamentally, hospitals have been paid to keep beds full and provide lots of services. "Fee for Service" means "provide more services...earn more fees." Now, under Accountable Care, hospitals and other providers are paid to keep beds empty! ACOs, hospitals, and the rest of the providers that make up the healthcare ecosystem are paid more to provide the right types of services that keep patients healthier and out of the hospital. 

Accountable Care Organizations, Hospitals, Primary Care Physicians, Post-acute care providers such as home health care, physical therapy, infusion nursing and more are engaging in programs such as Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Aging in Place, and Care Transitions Initiatives to achieve the Triple Aim. 

Ankota's technology is used to organize providers of all types into "ecosystems," enabling Accountable Care models with technology that helps organizations Plan, Coordinate, and Deliver services in a highly coordinated and efficient manner. To learn more about Ankota technology for ACOs or to manage Care Transitions, click on this really cool orange button!

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