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Ankota Technology Overview


Ankota’s technology is delivered in the "cloud" which means that you access it from anywhere on your web browser.  Another name for this is  “Software-as-a-Service,” or SaaS (pronounced “sass”). This means that the software doesn’t have to be installed by your IT department, rather it is accessed through the Internet on your existing computers. Home Healthcare SaaS is widely accepted in small and large organizations. Its key benefits are:

  • No Client/Server Software Installation or Maintenance – The software is available securely through the Internet.
  • Lower Costs – Eliminate up-front license fees, hardware and third party infrastructure costs, and upgrade fees. Also, because it’s a subscription-based model, the SaaS company will work hard to continuously retain your business, meaning your ongoing and total satisfaction are of paramount importance to us. Traditional software companies, on the other hand, sell to you and then disappear in search of their next sale.
  • Operating Cost versus Capital Expenditure – Our SaaS solution does not require a capital expenditure, and the monthly operations fee is offset by the ongoing benefit.
  • Shorter Deployment Time – Ankota's Home Care SaaS solution can be deployed in a few weeks, not a few months.
  • Global Availability – Your authorized users can access the system securely from home on snow days, or for emergencies at night or on weekends.
  • Constant, Smaller Upgrades – The system will be enhanced regularly based on customer feedback. No more waiting for the big release—and big associated project expense. You benefit from the latest features immediately.
  • Your IT People Can Focus on Customer Needs rather than infrastructure – Rather than dealing with hardware, operating system and database updates, your IT people can focus on the core of your business and how our systems can support your needs.
Ankota Technology Overview