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Keeping family members in the loop on a loved one's health and well-being is challenging to healthcare professionals whose schedules demand visits to other patients and tasks requiring immediate attention.  Ankota's Family Connect allows you to reach out to multiple family members in real-time, instantly and simultaneously.  In as little as 3 minutes a week per patient, an agency can provide critical information directly to families - monitoring data such as activity level, state of mental health, daily routines, exercise, overall energy, eating habits and week-to-week changes.  Secured updates are sent via e-mail or text, to all authorized family members at once, whether they live close-by or across the country.

Family Connect includes the Quick Connect feature for instant, urgent family updates at any time.

Family Connect Benefits: 

    • Automate routine communications between caregivers and authorized family members
    • Branded as your agency's service to stand above the rest
    • Select from 50 common sense Wellness & Health metrics or add your own
    • Updates via email, text, web or all three
    • Customize updates based on care needs
    • All authorized family members updated at once
    • Family feedback via telephony or web
    • Schedule Regular Updates
    • Maintains complete record of all results and communications

This offers numerous advantages to your organization:

    • Save time with more timely and consistent communications
    • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty with families
    • Save time reaching families - communicate in moments
    • Prove that it's your priority to keep families informed

With Family Connect, your patients and their families will have needed peace of mind.  You'll help families track their loved one's health in a meaningful way allowing you and them to make more informed healthcare decisions.  Set your business apart with Ankota's Family Connect.

Secured web-based updates customized to your business.
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