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Avoid Preventable Hospitalizations and Readmissions with Forsight Care


If a fantastic nurse could check in on every person at risk of a hospitalization and let you know if they're on track or not, imagine how many hospitalizations could be avoided.  Foresight Care, using automation, can do this.


Solution Features

  • Simple Intake - A patient can generally be set up on the system in 2 minutes or less - faster with integration. 

  • Personalization for your Agency's Brand - The system will make the phone calls from your local area code or even from a phone number that you designatewith your agency's caller id. You can also personalize the greeting.

  • Addresses all Health Concerns - even if the patient is in your care for a hip replacement, you can monitor their other health conditions such as Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), Urinary Tract Infections, as well as concerns with DME or poverty.  This is achived with the patent-pending Multi-Morbidity Engine (MME).

  • Checking in Costs 50 Cents per day - Much more affordable than telehealth or disease management programs.  It costs even less if you use Ankota's home care software.

  • Works with your Existing Technology - Included with Ankota's Home Care and Care Transition software or easily integrated with your existing software.

  • Try it out for Free: See if you qualify for a free pilot
  • Web-based and HIPAA compliant.



Key Benefits

  • Reduce Care Delivery Cost - automated check-ins allow you to have less face-to-face visits

  • Improve Outcomes - Fewer Hospitalizations

  • Stand out from competition - A track record of fewer hospitalizations will improve your star ratings and/or enable you to win more referrals
  • Win "Bundled Payment" contracts - hospitals will choose you as a partner because you provide the best outcome at the lowest cost

  • Easy to learn and easy to use



Simply put, your agency will be the agency to beat...  Press the buttons below to see a demo or learn more.

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