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11 Tips on Strokes for Home Care from WebMD

WebMD pubished a useful article entitled, "Tips for a Caregivers of Someone Who's Had a Stroke," that offers a series of in-depth suggestions for how to support a loved one (or client) who has suffered a stroke.

Though the article is written from the perspective of a loved-one as the caregiver, the article provides insight that is very useful to both private-duty home care folks to educate themselves to better serve their clients, as well as a helpful informational tool to offer to your client's loved ones to involve them in the process.

I suggest that you read the entire article here, but to get the ball rolling, here is a taste of the 11 tips that WebMD suggests:


  • Be Informed

  • Build a Team

  • Be Ready for an Emergency

  • Watch for Depression

  • Sharpen Your Communication Skills

  • Modify Your Home

  • Encourage Him to Move

  • Organize Your Day

  • Get Your Ducks in a Row

  •  Expect Highs and Lows

  • Get Connected 

For those in the home care/home healthcare field already know, the more informed a caregiver can be, the more effective care the client receives, and the happier the client feels.  Hopefully, these tips and this article adds to all three.  What do you think of their list and the overall article?  Are there any steps you'd add to the list?  

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