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3 Takeaways from Home Health Care News on Big Data and Home Health Care

big-data words photoA recent article posted on the Home Health Care News website shares a few insights and examples of how bid data is "disrupting" home health care.  The article, "How New Payment Models, Big Data Are Disrupting Home Health Care" written by Robert Holly, as the title suggests focuses on Home Health Care rather than Home Care (which is what this blog here focuses on mainly). 
That said, I found the article interesting and I felt it would be of interest to our readers.  With all that in mind, I thought I'd share a bit about what the article covers and suggest that you read the full article.
Relating to this article to the home care industry, what struck me was thinking about ways to use big data to optimize care for clients as efficiently as possible while working with the pool of caregivers available.  That is, the more information we have to determine what kind of care, caregiver, payment model, and so on best serves those needing care, the better we can provide that care.  The added benefit of providing the most efficient, cost-effective, and the highest quality of care not only helps those we serve, but it also helps strengthen the home care industry as a whole.   
Getting back to the focus of the article itself, I though I'd share a quote from the start of the article to pique your interest: 
"While technology behemoths and up-and-coming startups are often cited as the industry’s top disruptors, it’s innovative payment models and big data that will likely have the greatest impact on home health care delivery over the next several years, experts predict."
Please click here to read Robert's entire article, but here are the high-level topics covered in it:

Three Topics on Big Data and Home Health Care 

  • Payment Methodology and Big Data
  • Big Data and Amazon
  • Hospital-to-Home Transitions
What are your thoughts on all of this?  Do you feel these takeaways are relevant to the non-medical home care industry?  Do you feel that Big Data or other emerging technologies will have an effect on home care in the future?  What other "disruptors" or innovations do you see in your day-to-day business experience?  Please feel free to post your thoughts in the comments below!  

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