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5 Takeaways from a Deliotte Survey on Healthcare Tech

Ankota's marketing director, Jed Hammel doesn't come from the home care world but instead is an expert is social media marketing, filmmaking, event planning and more.  We hope you enjoy this article recapping an article from Deloitte University Press on some in-depth findings pertaining to their 2016 Survey of US Health Care Consumers.

computer-767776_640.jpgIn Deloitte University Press' recent article, entitled, "Will Patients and Caregivers Embrace Technology-Enabled Healthcare?", a treasure trove a data and findings affecting the home care, home health, and overall healthcare ecosystem are laid out in detail.

I strongly suggest that you read the entire article here, but as usual, here's a taste of what the article has to offer:  To get you started, the article looks at a survey they condcted:

For the 2016 Survey of US Health Care Consumers, we tested consumer reactions to technology-enabled home care in 15 scenarios covering different types of technology and applications: telemedicine (four), remote patient monitoring/sensors (IoT) (six), and drones/robotics (five). We asked about reasonable cost and any concerns that technology developers, providers, or plans offering the technology should address.

From there, the article goes into their findings topic by topic and offers insight beyond the numbers.  The full article goes through the data with useful key points, graphs, and charts presented.  Again, here's a rundown to get you started:

Some Key Takeaways of the Survey

  • Consumers have an appetite for using technology-enabled care
  • Telemedicine, in which half of respondents show interest, is the most popular technology

  • Caregivers are a key population 

  • Heavier users of the health care system show the most interest in all technologies 

  • Consumers demand high-quality, personalized care and want assurance that their personal information will be safe

As I mentioned above, the article expands on these points further.  What this article continues to prove out is that tech in healthcare continues to evolve and change how we deliver care.  Because of these advancements, it is important for folks in the home care and healthcare space to keep current with the latest technologies, and we hope you find the full article recapped here to be useful to you, your clients or patients, and your business.

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