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5 Thoughts on the Future of Home Care via Stephen Tweed

Stephen_Tweed-2015-1A recent blog article written by Home Care expert Stephen Tweed published in Home Care Pulse, entitled, "What’s Next and Why Should You Care: The Future of Private Pay Home Care", offered a number of interesting views on what to look for, and how to prepare for the changes and market forces affecting our industry and community in the future. 
It's a quick read, so please click here to read the article in its entirety, but here are the broad strokes for you to consider when planning for the future success of your agency:
  • Demographic Shift 
  • Economic Pressures 
  • Consumer Choice 
  • Technology 
  • Political Change 
What are your thoughts on Stephen's list?  Anything you'd add or perhaps take away when compiling your list?  Are there some tips you'd like to share for "future-proofing" your business?  Please share in the comments below.
On another note, we wanted to remind folks that Ankota has launched the Home Care Book Club (click previous link to join) on Goodreads.com
Our Home Care Book Club was created so folks in the home care industry can connect, share ideas, learn Best Practices, and of course, to build community through chatting about books!

More specifically, Ankota CEO, Ken Accardi, will regularly suggest and recap a book for folks to read and to discuss via the Goodreads.com platform.  You can sign up and join the conversation by clicking here
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