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5 Ways for Your Home Care Agency to Shine at Your Next Networking Event

Networking is a critical skill for home care agencies to grow. In most cases, thriving agencies are winning because of their referral partners.  Specifically, folks in your community who regularly come in contact with potential clients for your home care business. Some of the successful referral partners agencies work with are as follows:

  • People who work at a council on aging

  • Senior independent living communitiesnetwork-cables-494650_640.jpg

  • Home health agencies

  • Hospital discharge personnel

  • Many others...

Above I was a little sloppy by saying, for example, that a home health agency can be a referral partner. In reality, it's not the agency who is referring to you, it is a person there or a number of specific people.  They are likely referring to you because they met you, they liked you, you followed up with them and promised that if they gave your agency a try that you'd make them happy...You did make them happy, you've kept in touch with them, and you've thanked them every time you've worked with them. 

This all starts with networking and it's likely you didn't get that first referral the first time you met that person, but likely had to meet them multiple times to show that you're serious about being part of the community where she participates.  I live in the greater Boston area where there's a strong sense of community around business networking and start-ups. They shared some tips about networking that I believe will be helpful to all home health leaders.

5 Ways for Your Home Care Agency to Shine at Your Next Networking Event

Here's the list:
  1. Set clear goals: Think of questions like what kind of people are you looking to meet, what’s your purpose for networking, how does it impact your professional life?

  2. Be Well-prepared: Ponder over how you can help others, and keep your 10-second introduction ready.

  3. Break the ice: Don’t wait for others to approach you. Instead, take the initiative and introduce yourself first. It’s advisable to arrive early since walking into a room full of strangers can seem intimidating.

  4. Build a Relationship: Reach out to your contacts within a week. Share information and ideas or follow up on something you discussed. Also, don't forget to send a 'Thank You' note.

  5. Listen to Others: Get others to talk about themselves. Ask questions and stay interested.

What other ways are you able to shine? Please let us know, and if you're interested perhaps we can feature you here in the Ankota blog.

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