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5 Ways to Help Your Home Care Team Stay Focused and Engaged

document-3268750_1920-1I recently read an article from Home Care Pulse, entitled, "How to Help Your Home Care Office Staff All Row in the Same Direction" that, as usual, offers readers detailed yet easy to digest information and suggestions for improving your business' employee morale, consistency of care, and bottom line.
As the article puts it:
Rallying your staff is obviously a huge topic and there are many approaches you can take. However, in our experience working with thousands of home care agencies, these are five of the most important ways that you can empower each member of your team to move their part of the business forward.
You can read the entire article by clicking this link here, but as a way to get you interested, here are the topics covered:

Hold them accountable to metrics—but ensure they’re the right metrics

Hire less, pay more

Teach your staff members the context of their roles

Invest in your staff’s development

Choose your core values and stick to them

While it's likely that we can all agree that finding ways to make sure our entire team is clear on their goals/duties, appropriately challenged, and positively engaged, how best to achieve all that is up for debate.  Moreover, it tends to be a constant effort (if not struggle) and often "one size does not fit all" when it comes to managing different individuals, different teams, and under different circumstances.
That all said, I feel that the Home Care Pulse article makes some strong points and offers useful suggestions for consideration.  What are your thoughts on their 5 points?  What has worked for you (or did not work) in the past for you?  Are there any other suggestions you have or questions you have for others?  If you have any thoughts on the article please post below in the comments section.
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