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A Look at Why Tech Adoption is Growing for Older Adults

I have a lot of respect and admiration for Laurie Orlov who is an industry consultant and recognized expert on technology for aging in place. I've had the opportunity to meet Laurie a number of times and to present in conferences with her. I read her blog religiously (you can find her Aging in Place Technology Watch by clicking here). 

Laurie OrlovAging in Place Technology Watch posted another informative article sharing data on our elder population and technology, entitled, "Tech adoption grows for older adults -- why?" that I think you'd be interested in reading
The full article is definitely worth your time, because, as usual, it offers a number of links to other resources and articles, and presents a lot of useful data when it comes to technology as well as selling technology to the elder population.
I've shared the macro view of what's covered in the article (the titles of the bullet points), but please take a look at the full article by clicking here.    

Smartphone Adoption Moves Up For the Oldest

Speculating on Why Smartphone Adoption for Older Adults Is Up? 
Home Broadband 

What’s Does Growing Adoption Mean in Practice? 

Please read the entire article and please share your thoughts and feedback on it.  Does the article's findings align with your experiences?  If so, why, and if not, why do you feel that is the case?  Please post your comments below!

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