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7 Secrets for Recruiting Quality Home Care Sales Agents

Home care consultancy Beth Carpenter and Associates recently released a great article about recruiting Quality Home Care Sales personnel.  The full article, writtenHome Care Consultant Beth Carpenter by consultant Jim Szymanski  is available here.  A few key points are as follows:

  1. Jim recommends against searching for sales “superstars” because they’re hard to find, expensive and sometimes don’t stay long.
  2. Instead he says to go for Quality Sales People, who meet a set of target criteria and are also more able to be coached and mentored.
  3. First, Jim recommends using a variety of inexpensive recruiting approaches including employee referrals and LinkedIn.com
  4. Next Jim recommends recruiting people who are primarily motivated by incentive and bonus rather than a high base salary, and he goes on to indicate some other industries where he has found such candidates.
  5. Next he recommends pre-screening (and hints that he’ll do a follow-up article on this)
  6. Have a good sales training program in place
  7. Keep them motivated – Jim has several suggestions here and makes the important point that not all people are motivated by the same things

Please read Jim’s full article and check out Beth’s website for more information.

Beth Carpenter Home Care Consultancy

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