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Business Week Report on Aging in Place foreshadows Telehealth Future

On September 21st, Business Week featured a special report on technologies that promote Aging in Place.  You can read the article at http://tinyurl.com/l7c6wh.  Home care agencies have been pioneers in the use of Telehealth technologies to keep patients health and comfortable in their homes, often despite reimbursement.  It's clear from the BW article that the benefits of Telehealth have not gone unnoticed.  Featured in the article are the likes of Intel, GE Healthcare, and Nintendo who all view the prospect of home health technologies for seniors as attractive markets.

If you're interested in Aging in Place Technologies, I'd highly recommend that you subscribe to the Blog "Aging in Place Technology Watch" at the URL http://www.ageinplacetech.com/. Its author, Laurie Orlov is a top researcher and consultant focused on Aging in Place Technologies in the same way that our very own Tim Rowan keeps us all apprised on Home Care Technologies at http://homecaretechreport.com/.

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