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Do Doctors Understand Home Care? These Three Do!!!

Lots of my friends are doctors, and of course they're interested in what I do, but talking to them about home care is a lot like talking to them about your kid's ballet recital.  They're happy to hear about it, but it's not a topic that they spend a lot of time on...

I've been blessed to meet a couple of doctors who really get it.  First is Dr. Steven Landers.  I breifly met Dr. Landers at the NAHC Annual Meeting and Exhibition in LA.  I don't have to prove that he gets it, because in fact, he won the physician of the year award from NAHC.  He was on the cover of Caring Magazine in October (click here for the online version). 

Dr Steven Landers

Second in our very own Dr. J Hunter Young, who works at Johns Hopkins but also helps us out as Chief Medical Officer for Ankota.  Hunter has done extensive research in community care and has published peer reviewed articles on topics such as how addition and hypertension affect martality in urban communities.  Hunter always makes sure that we put the patient in the center of all of the technology we build at Ankota. 

Dr. Hunter Young

A third doctor who really gets it, is my friend and neighbor Dr. Roseanna Means.  She created the non-profit organization Women of Means to provide free medical service to woman in the shelters of Boston and has inspired similar programs in other cities. 

Dr, Roseanna MeansWomen of Means provides free care to women in need

Getting back to the question of whether, in general, Doctors understand the value of home care, here's a snipit of video from Dr. Landers' keynote speech at the NAHC Exhibition.  My favorite part was the laughter from the audience of nurses when the home care nurse asked a remote doctor for some guidance about treating a sore on the patient's buttocks and he said that he could set up a consult with a plastic surgeon.  Enjoy the video...


You've all heard the expression, "home is where the heart is."  At Ankota, we believe that "home is where the health is" and that a key to healthcare reform will be to improve care at home as well as patient centered coordination of care.  Thanks to doctors like Steven, Hunter and Roseanna for leading the way.

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