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Happy Holidays from Ankota

Let's face it, Home Care Optimization is hard work.  Some days we're working to bring the latest advances in home care scheduling software to the market.  Other days we're devising ways that home care telephony can reduce hospital readmissions.  And we never lost sight of our vision to deliver patient-centered and coordinated care at home.  All work and no play can have some bad results...

Well, when we decided to break away for our company holiday party things got a bit out of hand.  Of course Will was the ring-leader, but Marc, Hunter and I were a bit out of control too.  We also had Al from our board of advisors joining in the craziness.

Back in the old days, we might have gotten away with this and nobody would have known, but with the paparazzi these days, it seems that everything gets caught on tape.  So we won't deny anything and we're releasing the video footage before the National Enquirer article comes out.



On a serious note, we wish the home care industry a very happy holiday season.  We thank all who supported us, gave us input, viewed a demo, and encouraged us, and we especially thank our customers for turning Ankota from a vision into a business.  We're proud of what we've accomplished and the ways that we're able to help the industry improve patient care while increasing efficiency.  And we've just started scratching the surface.

Have a Wonderful and Joyous Holiday! 

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