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My Favorite YouTube Video EVER - Happy Holidays

Does this post have anything to do with scheduling for home health care? Nope!

Anything about home health care agency software? Absolutely not!

Maybe just some relevance to a homecare management system? Not even close!

This is just my favorite video on YouTube, a clip from the short-lived TV show Studio 60 featuring a group of musicians who are referred to as "The City of New Orleans" shortly after Hurricane Katrina.  For me, this video reinforces the strength of the human spirit to perservere, while also capturing the spirit of Christmas.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


One quick tidbit that I'll share with all of you who manage your agency websites is that embedding a video on your site (as done above) is pretty easy.  For example, if the video is on YouTube, you can look to the right of the video and find the code you need to either link it or embed it on your site.  Note that you don't need to understand the code - just copy it and paste it into your site and you're good to go.  I'll do a follow-up post from the home care software geek in January.

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