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Aging in Place Technology Trends for 2010

Here in the Home Care Technology world, we keep our eye on a very closely related set of technologies designed for Aging in Place, and nobody tracks this better than our friend Laurie Orlov.  You can follow Laurie's blog here.  Also, we'd like to thank Laurie for spending an hour learning more about Ankota Healthcare Delivery Management a few weeks ago.

Laurie Orlov is an expert at Aging in Place

Laurie wrote a strong summary of the biggest trends that she say in the Aging in Place technology world and summed them up in this article entitled 2009 Spawned Ten Aging in Place Trends to Watch in 2010.

Among the top trends that we particularly want to keep an eye on are the following:

  • Location-aware tech enables more info, greater safety
  • Mobile health app possibilities grow
  • Virtual doctors' visits and other health innovations
  • Broadband access and Internet use among seniors grows
  • Caregiver portals and tools blossom

With Ankota's vision to improve care coordination, we expect that home care management software will directly interact with aging in place technologies and that scheduling for home health will be enhanced to interact with home monitoring systems.

Aging in Place Technology watch



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