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Bright Future for Home Care Validated by NPDA and MNCHA

We always enjoy sharing good news!  Today we have some good news to share both for the certified nursing community and for private duty.

 On the certified side, we just received news from Bernie Lorenz (executive director of the Maryland National Capital Home Care Association MNCHA), that the VA Home-Based Primary Care program, on which the Independence at Home program is based, not only achieved 24% savings for the VA program but also reduced Medicare costs by 10%. There was some initial skepticism that the 24% savings for the VA was actually shifted to Medicare, but now it's clear that there are savings all around (not to mention better outcomes and happier patients).  Bernie also shared that this year's MNCHA Meeting will have the theme Planning For Our Bright Future which inspired the title for this post.  We've attached the report that this is based on here.


The other report we share today comes from the National Private Duty Association (NPDA), who have their annual meeting coming up in Philadelphia starting on March 10th.  The 2-page report (available here), shares very positive results including the following:

  • An overwhelming 89% majority of seniors want to age in their own home for as long as possible (according to AARP)
  • In many cases, part time private duty care (20 hours per week) can result in dramatic savings over assisted living facilities and nursing homes.
  • 83% of their member organizations are planning to create new jobs and hire new employees this year


The bottom line is that we're in a growing industry that results in happier and healthier patients at lower costs.  The future is bright indeed!

If you'd like to learn how to help your organization grow profitably without increasing back office staff, we'd like to help.  You can find more information at www.ankota.com or you may contact us

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