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Elder Care Nutrition Tips for Cancer, Arthritis and Diabetes

We recently posted some best practices for elder Erik Durekcare nutrition inspired by a presentation that we attended by Eric Durak, MS, an elder care wellness expert, and president of Medical Health and Fitness.  If you missed that post, please read it here.  The presentation was at the NAHC 5th Annual Private Duty Summit and Exhibition in Phoenix, for which you can see some highlights, including a glimpse of Eric in action here.  Today Ankota is at the NPDA Summit in Philadelphia and we look forward to bringing you highlights and best practices from NPDA over the next few weeks.

Today's post picks up where we left off last time; once the basics of elder care nutrition are under control, a more personalized approach is required, especially when it comes to improving quality of life for patients dealing with chronic illness.  Below, thanks to Eric, we share nutrition tips for Cancer, Arthritis, and Diabetes.

Nutrition Best Practices for Cancer Care:

  • Use of powders for nutrients
  • More Water (filtered)
  • Use of Raw Foods
  • Less Sugars
  • Good Snacks
  • Smaller portions more times per day (three meals plus snacks)

Elderly Care Nutrition

Nutrition Best Practices for Arthritis:

  • Use of glucosamine / chondroitan
  • Use of natural food products
  • Omega three fatty acids (fish, walnuts, flax oil)
  • Vitamin C foods (fruits, lemon, broccoli, white potato)
  • Selenium foods (light tuna, pasta, grains, turkey)
  • Bioflavonoid (onions, kale, tomatoes, apples)
  • Spices - turmeric, ginger

Elder Care Nutrition

Nutrition Best Practices for Diabetes:

  • Keeping glucose levels low
  • Use of protein at every meal
  • Less total calories
  • Limited use of sugar concentrate foods
  • Eating several small meals per day
  • Monitoring blood glucose 3-4 times/day


If you're interested to learn more about these nutrition approaches, I'd encourage you to contact Eric by clicking on the banner below.


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