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Wireless Home Health Technology Forecast to Grow 15-fold by 2013

I read a great new article on FierceMobileHealthcare.com, predicting that the market for wireless home healthcare technology will grow by 15-fold by 2013. I have provided the link to this piece below, along with another related link, and offer the following observation as we, Ankota, see this space:

New wireless solutions will make a tremendous impact on home healthcare worker productivity and help fuel home healthcare industry growth. We have staked our future on it.

The companies that provide homecare staff and services, or those which deliver equipment, medications and supplies are incredibly inefficient by other industries' standards. There are tremendous opportunities to reduce operating costs and fuel growth largely through process improvement. Much of this will be technology-enabled. We at Ankota are first and foremost process management experts, and we develop technology which enables process innovation. In short, we help these companies achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity.

Studies show that the companies involved in home healthcare  can reduce operating costs by 25% or more through better planning and utilization of staff and resources. These same companies can also free up 10-20% of their workers' time, enabling them to spend more time on activities that help patients and drive revenue for their companies.

Ankota has bet its future that wireless & mobile technologies will be critical in making homecare more effective and profitable.

Read more: http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/story/wireless-home-health-said-grow-nearly-15-fold-2013/2009-08-11#ixzz0j2a5SrHU

And a related piece: http://www.fiercemobilehealthcare.com/story/m-health-market-poised-rapid-growth-despite-fragmentation/2010-03-23


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