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Generate Home Care Referrals for Free

Having attended several recent home care trade-shows for Private Duty (NPDA and NAHC Private Duty), and for Home Health Care (e.g., NAHC in LA), I've tried to participate in the education sessions as much as possible so that I can learn what our industry is learning.  Not surprisingly, a large number of the sessions are dedicated to marketing and sales, and teaching you ways to close more business for your agencies.  So when my CEO passed along an article about Generating Referrals for Free to my sales team, I immediately wanted to share it with our readers.  The article came from American Express Open Small Business site and is entitled "11 Free Ways to Generate Referrals".  Here's a link.

American Express OPEN

First and foremost, the author, Julie Rains, encourages us to remember that the best kind of referrer wants to solve a problem for a friend.  So our goal is not to get them to promote our business, but rather to make it clear that we can solve an important problem.

Here are a few pieces of advice from the article:

  • Thank all customers who attempt to make referrals (not only the successful ones)
  • Offer a unique product or service
  • Truly understand and convey your market positioning
  • Interact with customers consistently well
  • Be easy to find and contact

Be sure to check out the full article for detail.  If you are thinking about attending an industry tradeshow, here are links to some highlights from recent shows we've attended:

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