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How Important will Home Care be when there are 1.3 Billion Seniors?

Looking at the population demographics in the US, everyone in Home Care, Hospice, Private Duty Care and the associated specialty services are taking notice.  When we look at the fact that Baby Boomers will start reaching age 65 at a rate of 8,000 per day next year, we recognize that there will be a hugely growing need for home care services.

But when we look at world statistics, the numbers are mind-numbing.  In a Census Bureau report entitled "An Aging World: 2008," the population of seniors over age 65 is estimated at 508 Million.  By 2040, that number will climb to 1.3 billion - Yikes!  The full report is available here.

What also changes, however, is the mix of ages.  The first two subtitles in the report are:

  1. Older people soon to outnumber young children, and
  2. World's Older Population Increasing 870,000 Each Month

If you don't choose to read the full report, consider looking over the following Q&A (from the report) below:

20 Questions About Global Aging

20 Answers About Global Aging

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