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Why is "Connected Health" Important to Home Care?

There's a relatively new "movement" in place called "Connected Health" which focuses on the delivery of care outside of traditional settings.  They focus on technologies such as telehealth and also on care delivery models such as home care.  The organization is located in Boston and affiliated with Partners Healthcare, but they are working hard to drive Connected Healthcare as a movement on a national and global level.  Below is a snipit which will bring you the the website for the Center for Connected Health.

Center for Connected Health

Other than their general interested in non-traditional delivery of care, the home care industry might want to keep tabs on their activities for a number of great reasons, as follows:

  • They look at technologies that keep the patient at home
  • Technologies often require services to go along with them and these might create new offerings or differentiation for home care organizations
  • They are raising the conversation to a higher level from an academic and medical perspective as evidenced by the creation of the Journal for Participatory Medicine, which is an new peer-reviewed, open access medical journal

The also have other resources which may be of interest, as follows:

We'll be sure to share information about new Connected Health successes and how they relate to home care in upcoming posts.

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