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Care Givers use Technology to Focus on what's Important - CLIENTS!

I attended the National Private Duty Association (NPDA) Annual Conference in Philadelphiain the spring.  One of the break-out sessions I attended was Veterans & Start Ups – Access Your Agency’s Potential, presented by Regina and Kelly McNamera of Always There Home Care in Southington CT. 

What impressed me the most was how the McNamera’s leveraged technology to focus their core competencies and as a result what is most important, their clients.  Some examples of what the McNameras do includes –

  • Outsourcing everything in the office except the intake of clients, e.g., payroll and even book keeping. 
  • Using a virtual receptionist that covers the phone 24/7 with a live person.  I contacted the company they use, MAP Communications.  Map Communications does such a great job training employees; I challenge anyone to say the receptionist on the phone is not an employee of Always There Home Care.
  • Giving Blackberrys to all their care givers, who appreciate the trust that is extended to them.  As a result there is a huge return on increased efficiency. 
  • Texting instead of phone calls has been an enormous time saver.  It is amazing how something so simple applied effectively can have such an impact. 


 But my favorite statement Kelly made in the presentation was, “Telephony helps keep me sane.”  I continue to be amazed at how private duty agencies can turn a blind eye to technology when it is technology that will allow them to do what they want to do most … care for the clients.  

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