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How will Home Care Change with Life Expectancies over 100?

Scientists in Denmark recently published a report in The Lancet indicating that half of babies born today in the developed world will live past 100 years of age.  There was a good deal of coverage of the report and you can choose your favorite news source below for more complete coverage.

Babies will live 100 years Bloomberg    Babies will live 100 Years - ABC News


Babies will live 100 years - BBC Babies will live 100 Years - Fox

I find this research to be extremely thought provoking.  Here are the top questions that come to mind for me:

  • How long will people be able to work if they live 100 years?  My understanding is that the retirement at age 65 was established at a time when average US live expectancy was 72.
  • Does a longer life mean a longer healthy and productive life?  Will a 90 year old person in 100 years have a comparable life to a 65 year old person today from the perspective of mobility, vision, etc.?
  • How will healthcare be paid for? We've all seen projections about how Medicare will run out of money in the not too distant future.  What will this mean?
  • Will we be able to cure Alheimer's by then? So far the cure to Alzheimer's has been elusive, but this projection would seem to raise the urgency to find a cure
  • Will this trend continue? Will the babies born in 100 years live to age 125?

If nothing else, this should convince us that we need to keep the innovation coming in the delivery of care.  Maybe it will stimulate our imaginations and accelerate our progress.

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