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The Journey to Operational Excellence in Home Care – 5th of 6 parts

Question -

What journey have you chosen to achieve Operational Excellence in your Home Care Agency?


This fifth characteristic may be the most difficult, because it is about leadership.  Why?  Without leadership the competitive advantage goes away and the associated cash benefits do as well.  Without leadership operational excellence and the opportunity to increase quality, reliability, flexibility, speed, and customer value tend to flash away.  This is the fifth of six blog posts hiliting the five characteristics that facilitate operational excellence. 


Creating Operational Excellence

Remember the big picture of operational excellence:  Is the business set up to achieve established goals and is the work organized and executed.  This is the fifth and final characteristic that facilitates this operational excellence - 

5. Choose the right journey; meaning know were you plan on taking your company.  How you choose will have significant bearing on your companies future positioning.  In theory one journey will be most appropriate for your company’s culture; however, in practice market complexities, customers, etc, mean there could be different approaches. 


The focus of this series is that high performance businesses put a premium on operational excellence.  The installments have been –

1st – Identifying the “Dominant Vector.” 

2nd – Establishing a structure to that creates an advantage. 

3rd – Out-Executing other Home Care Providers. 

4th – Maintaining the Balancing Act for success.  

This fifth installment addresses the journey to ensure success of your Home Care Agency.  To learn about this Characteristics of Operational Excellence click here.


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