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Home Care Workers Benefit from Antioxidants

When discussing home care technology, this blog is on the leading edge, but unfortunately on the subject of nutrition, I often find myself behind the curve.  So writing about nutrition is intended not just for our healthy caregivers initiative, but for self-learning too.

Recently there's been a lot of talk about which is the best blueberriesantioxidant.  Is it the wild blue-berry or the red bean?  But nobody explains why it matters.   So here it is in simple English...  Antioxidants help prevent your cells from dying.  This means that they can help prevent or delay cancer, heart disease and some effects of aging.  Pretty big deal!  When cells oxidize (as an aside, rust is a form of oxidization) they release free radicals that are able to cause more oxidization thus leading to a chain reaction.  The antioxidants combat this by being oxidized themselves and in the process they remove the harmful free radicals.

There are lots of debates about what the best antioxidant is.  Some studies have touted rare and specialty items like Abut it doesn't really matter which is absolutely the best.  The important thing is to be aware of the types of foods that provide antioxidants and figure out how to incorporate more into your diets and the diets of the people for whom you provide care. My nutritionist friend KC Hayes recently forwarded me a scholarly article concluding that many affordable berries like strawberries, blueberries and red raspberries may prevent cancer just as well as those in studies (early studies used black raspberries).  Here's a link to the story (from the Ohio State University Medical Center). And as you'll remember, KC is a phenomenal photographer so here's one of his recent photos that he shared.


My wife's favorite choice for incorporating antioxidants into her diet is to drink a glass of red wine daily (and here's an article from the Mayo Clinic website backing her up).  I think I'll go get her one now...

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