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Home Care Software Geek Pokes Fun at Conference Calls

The Home Care Software Geek posts in this blog don't talk about Home Care Nursing Software, Private Duty Telephony, DME Delivery Software, Home Infusion Care Management or the other topics we focus on regularly at Ankota.  Instead, these posts are intended to keep our readers up to date with technology trends that might be useful to your agencies, such as social media technologies, mobile devices, and what's happening from the big-boys like Microsoft, Google and Apple.

If your home care agency sometimes has conference calls, you might enjoy this funny video about conference calls.  It's especially funny because it's so realistic...  Enjoy! 

Note that if you'd like to be able to hold conference calls, I've been happy with the service we get from www.FreeConferenceCall.com.  The service has good quality, 24 hour support, and nice reporting (they send you an email after each call saying who dialed in, at what time and from what number).  Also, the service is absolutely free (unless you want a toll-free number or another of their paid services).


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