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Developing Leadership in Home Health Care, DME & Related Companies

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Now, on to today’s post about Leadership…

A couple of great pieces on the topic of Leadership hit my inbox today and I thought I would pass them along. Rather than analyzing or summarizing each, I will tell you what I like about the article or the site and provide the link so you can read it directly. Enjoy!


10 Good Things for Home Care, DME Leadership


1)      10 Things Good Managers Believe  on bNet, by Steve Tobak, a well known business strategist and executive coach. bNet is part of the CBS interactive business network, focused on business issues that Home Health Care, DME, Infusion, RT and other home care related companies might find very useful.

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2)      Tobak’s article draws from another piece that I really like, 12 Things Good Bosses Believe, by Robert Sutton. Sutton writes on leadership for Harvard Business Review and is the author of books such as his newly released Good Boss, Bad Boss (click on the book cover below to see on Amazon.com)


Leadership development for Home Health CareGood Boss for DME, HME, Home Health, Private Duty



3)      Leadership & Perfectionism, by Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer for N2growth. Myatt poignantly acknowledges, “This may be difficult for some to get their heads around, but perfectionism is not a leadership trait.” My natural tendency is to be a bit of a perfectionist in business, but I am much more effective and accomplish more when I’m not. Maybe you are the same way. Either way, this piece might provoke some thought.


Leadership perfectionism

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