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How Much "Selling Time" Does a Home Care Sales Person Spend Each Day?

I'm at the NPDA Private Duty Leadership Conference and learning NPDAlots of things and meeting great people plus catching up with old friends and customers.  Today's post is more of a sound byte...

I attended a session yesterday about "Customer Relationship Management" in Home Care.  One of the presenters was Home Care Sales Coach Michael Giudicissi.  He shared a sports analogy that resonated with me, as follows:

  • First he asked how long a football game takes to watch andMichael Giudicissi the answer was 3.5 hours.
  • Then he asked how long the football game clock actually runs and the answer was 1 hour
  • Then he asked how long the ball is actually in play, and after soliciting guesses, he explained that the actual playing time was somewhere between 11 and 12 minutes.  Wow! Is that all?

After discussing this, he related it to a home care sales person and explained that in a good day for a home care sales person, they'll have 8 good calls and that the valuable time in each call will be around 2 minutes.  So we get 16 minutes a day. Ouch!  Note that this isn't to say that they're only working 16 minutes, just like the football players are there for the whole 3.5 hours but that's all.

I think this is valuable to know so that we can appreciate the difference between work time and valuable time.  But also, I think that we all need to strive to get more productive time per worker per day in all departments.

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