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Ankota would like to share this from HME News:

Each month, the editors of HME News compile the top 5 most read stories from www.hmenews.com and send them to you in an email alert, keeping you up-to-date on what's most important in the industry. The links to the top 5 stories for March are below.

Competitive bidding hearing draws crowd

WASHINGTON — It was standing room only at a congressional staff briefing held March 2 on competitive bidding, a sign, HME industry stakeholders say, that there might be support for another bill to repeal the program.

Competitive bidding: A bill for the Hill
WASHINGTON — When industry stakeholders convene here for AAHomecare's Washington Legislative Conference this week, they will be carrying an important piece of paper with them.

Legislative conference: 'Senator, we're here to talk to you about competitive bidding'

WASHINGTON — Looks like providers had the luck of the Irish March 17 during AAHomecare's Washington Legislative Conference. H.R. 1041, the new bill to repeal competitive bidding, picked up 18 new co-sponsors in that one day.

Competitive bidding update: Bill, auction and PAOC
WASHINGTON — With members of Congress on recess last week, there are no new official co-sponsors for H.R. 1041, the bill to repeal competitive bidding, but commitments are trickling in, according to AAHomecare.

CMS admits RAC got it wrong
FARGO, N.D. — CMS plans to halt automated CPAP audits in Jurisdiction D after learning that its contractor has misinterpreted Medicare policy, AAHomecare reported last week.

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