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Veterans Administration Awards $1.38B in Telehealth Contracts

Veterans Administration Telehealth

In an effort to reduce healthcare costs and improve quality of life for veterans everywhere, The Department of Veterans Affairs awarded $1.38BILLION in contracts to companies to accelerate its Care Coordination / Telehealth Program. The aawards represent a doubling of VA expenditures on telehealth in the first year alone.

"The Department of Veterans Affairs this week awarded contracts to six IT vendors to run its massive (and growing) telehealth program for the next five years," says Sara Jackson in this FierceMobile report. Selected companies include Authentidate (Nasdaq: ADAT), American Telecare , Cardiocom (TSXV: EKG.V), HealthHero Network, Visual Telecommunications Network/ViTelCare and Viterion Telehealthcare (Div. of Bayer Healthcare).

For more information about The Veterans Administration Care Coordination / Telehealth Program, visit these links:

Care Coordination / Telehealth Program

Care Coordination / Home Telehealth – a program specifically for telehealth enabled home care

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