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How NOT to buy Home Care Software

One of the email newsletters that I read comes from the Home Care financial advisory firm called Boyd and Nicholas who market themselves as "The Cost Report People".  We've shared content from their email newsletter before and most recently included them in our post Six Home Care Social Media email newsletters to Learn From.  Their website is http://www.boydandnicholas.com/. In their September 21st edition, they shared an article on the subject of how to buy home care software.  The article is pretty long and I can't find it on line, so I need to bring you the highlights here.  Since the article is a bit too big, I'm going to break it into a few posts.  This first one is about how NOT to buy home care software.  From here, (in italics) you're reading their article:

There are at least a dozen wrong ways to go about finding the best software product and vendor for your home care agency or hospice. Perhaps you have been guilty of one or more of them:

  • Page through magazine ads and make a list of five or six 800 numbers to call.
  • Post a question to a public listserv, “Does anybody know of any good software?”
  • See 20 or 30 product demos, 5 minutes each, at a trade show.
  • Follow the sales person who sold you your first system and buy from him again when he moves to another vendor.
  • Answer a cold call from a sales person and decide impulsively to have them in for a sales pitch.
  • Ask a colleague, with an entirely different business model from yours, what software they use.

We'll come back with the sequel article that outlines how to do it right, but in the mean time, think about things that you've done wrong in making software and other technology purchases and what you could have done to avoid those mistakes.  If you're like me and don't like to dwell on the negative, you can look at this article about home care software that I did for Ginny Kenyon's blog here.

Boyd and Nicholas home care cost report

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