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The Easiest Way To Prioritize - NOW.

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This one will be a quickie. Every one of us wastes time every day and if you're like me, you may occassionally get frustrated when you realize that some of the important things did not get done. Volumes have been written on the topic of time management, but I tend to like the "quick lessons" that you can absorb and put to use...QUICKLY.

I share this summary below of tips on prioritizing tasks to you from a more detailed article in CBS Money Watch.

  1. People currently paying you. When a current client emails, respond right away. And initiate a lot more emails to paying clients.
  2. People who used to pay you. Past customers should get plenty of attention.
  3. People who say nice things. Responding to a compliment with a "thank you" takes seconds. If someone says something nice, make sure they hear back from you right away.
  4. People who say not-so-nice things. Take a little longer to respond so you reply thoughtfully. No one is always right -- and that includes you and me.
  5. People who ask good questions. Most people like to help people when they can. Almost never do those exchanges result in actual business, but that's okay.


As my fellow Ankotians will tell you, I'm fond of reminding our entire team to focus on W.I.N. -- "WHAT'S IMPORTANT NOW." Recognize that what's important isn't always what is urgent, and managing the difference can be a challenge. Too often, we respond to what feels most urgent. Looking at your list of items, quickly rate them by which are IMPORTANT and which are URGENT-- and be honest with your assessment. The ones that are BOTH IMPORTANT and URGENT deserve your immediate attention. The rest, well, those are the things that you can address next.


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