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New Strategies for Competition in Home Health - from Ginny Kenyon

Ginny Kenyon has weaved another gem with her recent posting entitled "New Strategies for Competition in Home Health."  I'll keep this post short to encourage you to read the original post on Ginny's site.  This article is specifically focused on older agencies who started when there wasn't a lot of competition in their area.  Now competition is fierce...

Kenyon Home Care Consulting

The main message is that you shouldn't put all of your eggs in one basket and opportunities to diversify.  You should listen carefully to your local community for the ways that you can better meet their needs and win more referrals.  Some examples are elaborated:

  • Can you offer a "Home Modification" service?
  • Can you negotiate medication discounts for your patients (e.g., from a mail-order pharmacy)?
  • Can you offer the ability to get your patients connected with Personal Emergency Response Systems?
  • How about med dispensers?
  • How can you win referrals for chronic care management?

All agencies, and especially older and more established agencies, need to think like "start-up entrepreneurs" to expand your business model.  If you're on top of it - great!  If not, maybe Ginny can help!

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