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Is Overtime Pay for Home Health Aides a Good or a Bad Idea?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog article entitled "Home Care Dilemma: Why I'm Glad I'm Not Bill Dombi" and the subject was whether legislated mandatory overtime pay for home health aides is a good idea or a bad one...  Most people I've spoken to about this (who are people running home care businesses) say that the legislation will force them to cut back the hours of their workers to 40 or less because their clients can't afford the extra pay.  The other side of the issues claims that it's unfair not to pay overtime.

The New York Times recently addressed the issue in an article called "Fair Pay for Home Health Aides" by Paula Span.  Her article is very well written (but let's face it - she writes for the New York Times, whereas I write software).  She provides both sides of the argument but in her case she leads and emphasizes the "it's unfair not to pay overtime" position whereas I come at it from the "overtime will be eliminated and caregivers will make less" position.

NYT Fair Pay for Home Health Aides

In addition to giving you the opportunity to read a better written article than mine which spins in the other direction, the other great thing about her article is that she tells you how to weigh in on the issue with legislators.  So please check it out if you want to know how to have your voice heard.

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