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Are you a Remarkable Home Care Boss?

Jeff Haden, author and leadership consultant, authored an article in Inc. magazine entitled Jeff HadenThe 5 Qualities of Remarkable Bosses.  The subtitle makes a bold claim:

"Consistently do these five things and the results you want from your employees--and your business--will follow"

If this claim is right, we should take a hard look at whether we can be great home care bosses.  Here are the five things:

  1. Develop every Employee
  2. Deal with Problems Immediately
  3. Rescue your Worst Employee
  4. Serve Others, not Yourself
  5. Always Remember Where You Came From

In home care we have the challenge that we don't see our caregivers every day, but that's no excuse not to do these things.  If we take ownership of problems, work to grow every employee, even those who have mis-stepped, and serve others as our top priority our teams will follow us and we'll be successful.

Inc. Magazine

Please be sure to check out the full article in Inc. magazine at this link.

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