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21 Points That Make for Good Clinicians in Post Acute Care

I ran across this post on LinkedIn and thought I'd share it right away, from Angela Gentile, of Gerontology Professionals of Canada. Angelina begins with a few thoughts about bedside manner, and follows with 21 points that make a good clinician.

"Coventional" wisdom suggests that we shouldn't post articles on a Friday afternoon beacuse it won't attract as many readers. So, I'd like to ask for you help in proving the naysayers wrong (I love doing that) and SHARE this article with your staff and colleagues at other agencies. I think it's a terrific piece that challenges executive leadership and clinicians alike to think about what makes them, and their staff, good caregivers. This should be useful for you whether your business is in managing care transitions or post acute care services such as Private Duty Home Care, Home Health, Physical Therapy, Infusion Nursing or even HME/DME.


Gerontology Professionals of CanadaAngelina Gentile pic 

About bedside manner, Angelina Gentile says, "There are certain qualities that are needed in order to be good at what we do.  This is also known as “good bedside manner”:  

  • Demonstrate and practice good communication and listening skills

  • Recognize and value the importance of patience

  • Act with compassion and empathy

  • Treat clients with respect and dignity at all times

  • Demonstrate the ability to establish and maintain professional boundaries and manage violations should they occur

  • Possess a non-blaming, non-judgmental approach towards our client’s lifestyle and problems

  • Appreciate and respect the cultural differences

  • Be aware of and demonstrate sensitivity to any religious or spiritual beliefs

The general rule of thumb is, “treat others as you would wish to be treated”.  Most of us have been, or will be, on the receiving side of a clinician’s assistance. 

Click here to read the entire piece, including 21 Essential Tips for the Good Clinician

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