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Ankota's Risk Management Education Program for Post-Acute Care

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“Rapid changes have already introduced new risks to post-acute care providers, and many of them are confused over what to do about it,” says Ankota CEO Will Hicklen. “We already help customers mitigate certain operational and compliance risks through automation and it’s clear that we have an opportunity to help educate them further by connecting them with subject matter experts like IronRisk Strategies, LLC,” adds Hicklen.

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Under the partnership, IronRisk will provide educational content in the form of articles, white papers, and video content that will rapidly become a valuable resource for Ankota’s clients. Customers will be able to learn about topics ranging from cyber-security and breaches of patient information to the consequences of employee-owned vehicles, the differences between subcontracted relationships and referrals, the complexities around professional liability insurance, and everything in between. 

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