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Care Transitions: Moveable Feast wins Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award

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I am especially proud to share today's post for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Ankota is proud to celebrate the accomplishments of Moveable Feast and congratulates the entire team for receiving the Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award, awarded annually by the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute.

Further, the spectacular work that Moveable Feast does for the community not only helps patients, it hits right at the heart of one of the biggest imperitives in healthcare today and where Ankota is squarely focused: reducing avoidable readmissions. The avoidable readmissions problem is calculated by CMS to cost taxpayers $25 BILLION annually. With one in five patients returning to the hospital within 30 days (and 30% returning within 60 days), it's a problem of epidemic proportions. Not surprisingly, patients with HIV and cancer tend to be among the costliest of all in terms of readmissions. The good work of Moveable Feast helps patients live more comfortably, and helps solve significant healthcare problems. Look for traditional healthcare models to increasingly cooperate with community support services like Moveable Feast and Home Care to improve patients' lives and lower costs.

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Executive Director Tom Bonderenko stood before a packed auditorium on October 6th to receive the 2nd annual Henrietta Lacks Memorial Award on behalf of Moveable Feast. This award recognized valuable work with Johns Hopkins to deliver healthy meals to severely ill patients after they leave the hospital doors. The award comes with a $15,000 grant that will be used to strengthen the organization's collaboration with the Oncology Center at Johns Hopkins and to deliver more life-saving meals to men and women with cancer. 

More than just a charity, Moveable Feast is making a direct and measurable impact on the lives of cancer and HIV patients in the state of Maryland. Managing Care Transitions with planned, quality nutritional care in the home is delivering more than just meals: it's delivering results. Hospital readmissions are reduced significantly when nutritional support is combined with traditional medical support (we could tell you the numbers but we'd have to shoot you).

A large number of their many thousands of clients receive their healthcare through state funded Medicaid. With the intense focus on reducing readmissions--especially in higher cost populations such as those with HIV and cancer-- it is clear that Hospitals, ACOs, Managed Medicaid programs would do well to integrate nutrition services. Programs like Population Health initiatives, Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and other Community Based Care programs can benefit immediately by coordinating services like this that already exist in their communities. 

To learn more about using Ankota technology to manage Care Transitions like this, contact Ankota 

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Congratulations Tom & the entire team at Moveable Feast! We're very proud to know and support you!

About Moveable Feast We deliver nutritious, healthful foods to homebound people living with HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, or other life-threatening conditions...and are the ONLY such meal delivery program for People Living With AIDS for the Greater Baltimore Metropolitan area. We also provide numerous services and programs for the homebound and homeless, including a transportation service and a culinary training program. We service Baltimore City, its five surrounding counties, and nine counties on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.

For more information, please visit our website at mfeast.org.

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