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Why Is Physical Therapy So Important?


October is National Physical Therapy Month

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October is National Physical Therapy Month and, because physical therapy agencies are one of our largest and fastest growing customer segments, Ankota wants to share our thanks with all therapists -- physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists -- who help patients in the countless ways they do. 

In a meeting last week, a customer asked me "Why are therapy agencies so important to Ankota?" It's simple really: the work that therapists do is important to patients and we're in a position to help them improve their businesses better than anyone else, through the use of technology. That's the short answer. The explanation is this: Therapies are a critical part of the "ecosystem" of providers that Ankota's technology helps. As more care is delivered outside of hospitals, and providers of all types are compelled to coordinate care planning and delivery, therapists are one of the most common participants. Ankota's technology is used to manage the entire ecosystem, and therapy is a vital and prominent element. 

Therapists are one of the most consistently needed types of providers when patients are discharged from the hospital and one of the best ways to keep patients from going back to the hospital. Therapists also help people recover from injury and keep fit as they age. Ankota leads the market in technology for home therapy agencies, which includes technology that connects therapy providers to the rest of the ecosystem. To learn more about TherapEZ we invite you to contact us using this cool blue button

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

Therapy agencies, particularly those that deliver services in the home or other residence, suffer from poor autmation and this inefficiency is unbelievably costly. If you are an agency that is still using paper-based forms: stop it. If managing schedules or calculating billing or payroll is time consuming: STOP IT. If your therapists spend hours of personal time completing point of care documentation: STOP IT. If you are still managing referrals and sharing POC documentation with partners manually with phone calls and faxes: STOP IT. Your technology should automate all of this quickly and easily and provide electronic care forms that synchronize instantly so you can grow your business. If your technology does not connect you with Care Transitions initiatives, Hospitals and ACOs...then find a new vendor with the technology and vision to put you there today. And, if you are an owner or manager of a therapy agency, show your appreciation by giving evenings and personal time back to your therapists by making their lives easier with technoloy. You will retain your best people and attract more like them when they know you care enough to invest in technology that saves them time and allows them more time with patients and their own families.

From Ankota, many thanks to therapists! Let us know if we can help!

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

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