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Most Seniors' ER Visits Avoidable: Another Call for Home Care

MEDPAC Reducing Readmissions

Further evidence of the opportunity for Home Care to reduce avoidable admissions:

60 percent of Medicare beneficiary visits to emergency rooms and

25 percent of their hospital admissions

...were avoidable had patients received better care at home or in outpatient settings

This is according to the newest MEDPAC report, downloadable using the link below. And, according to experienced Home Care executives..NOT AT ALL SURPRISING. 

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MEDPAC Report on Reducing Admissions and ER Visits

KHN Avoidable Readmissions

Some interesting findings in the MEDPAC report, as reported by Kaiser Health News

1) The commission’s preliminary study found the most common diagnosis for preventable ER visits was upper respiratory infections. The most common diagnosis for preventable hospital admissions was congestive heart failure.

2) While not every ER admit can be avoided, the study showed wide variations across the country and among different cities. 

3) Hospitals that had lower occupancy rates had higher rates of admissions, and duel elegibles (with both Medicare and Medicaid coverage) had higher admission rates. 

4) Patients could avoid preventable ER visits and admissions to the hospital with better care at home and in outpatient settings.

Family doctors, home care, and family caregivers must work proactively to make sure that patients take their medications and receive the kind of care and support at home that keeps them out of hospital rooms and EDs. Many of the progams are taking on terms like Population Health or Geriatric Care Management. Regardless of the vernacular, the aim is consistent: to reduce the rate at which the elderly or chronically ill have to visit emergency roooms or be admitted to the hospital. Home Care is a central and vital part of the solution. 

This article ran in KHN on October 5th and sparked a healty discussion. Read the complete article here along with readers' comments.

If you are a home care agency that wants to improve operations with better automation and business processes, and become a leader in the mission to reduce hospital admissions among the elderly, contact Ankota for a free demonstration 

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