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Is Your Software Strategic to Your Physical Therapy Business?

Whether you are a hospital or ACO planning for care that is ultimately delivered outside of the hospital, or you are a post acute provider providing therapy or home care, this applies to you.  

Physical Therapy software

I visited a new customer recently that we're very excited to work with. I was there as they "went live" with our software immediately following their training. With many businesses being so remote and virtual--including ours--we don't always get to see this in person so I make it a point to visit customers and talk with the people that use our technology. This customer is a therapy staffing business in the midwest, with a top notch staff who are professional and committed to providing fantastic therapy services for their clients. Like a lot of our therapy customers, this business provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy in the home and other residences like Assisted Living Facilities (ALF). That may sound a lot like your business, or perhaps you provide other services we work with like infusion nursing, HME delivery, or Private Duty Home Care. 

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

As a developer of technology, it feels really great to make a big impact on a customer's business. Knowing that we've developed technology that improves business operations, makes you more profitable and helps your staff do their jobs better, while not at all glamorous, is incredibly fulfilling. Your patients may never know Ankota's name, but you and the team you rely on to run your business will love us. Your therapists will be happier and more productive, and will no longer spend evenings completing paperwork. Same goes for nurses, home care aids or technicians, if that is your business. They'll be fully electronic, completing and synchronizing care forms in real time so that the business can be paid faster and grow.

But that's not why customers choose us. Health care providers choose us because we help them transition their businesses into highly coordinated care delivery models and take a leadership position. If you're not thinking this way, then you're preparing to fail. If your software vendor isn't helping you do this already, it's time to look elsewhere.

Therapy is one of our most successful markets, and it's a customer we really like to work with. It seems that all of our customers value technology as a way to better manage business processes, and they value their staff and are considerate of their time. Most providers realize that their therapists often spend hours completing paperwork in the evenings and they'd rather provide them with the tools to help them be more productive during the day...and happier in their jobs! They have specific goals for the business that they expect us to help with and when we make that commitment, that is our oath. 

Learn How Ankota Helps Therapy Agencies

Frankly, we believe that the physical therapy market, like several post acute providers, has been grossly underserved by technology. The fact that most providers still use paper forms at the point of care is ridiculous. For this, I fault the software companies. Most software products are difficult to learn and use and are way too expensive for most agencies. The typical software product for a therapy business is pretty limited, costs too much, and runs on old code. Incumbant technologies do not address healthcare as a process that can be Planned, Coordinated, and Delivered efficiently. That is why most care plans are still on paper, scheduling is simplistic, work is not reported and tracked electronically, and caregivers are still using timesheets. If your vendor hasn't solved these problems, what are the chances that they will be able to help you tackle more difficult problems like managing Care Transitions? To address the future of healthcare delivery which is already upon us, providers must modernize. 

The thought for today is this: Is your technology helping you strategically?

Or, are you like most therapy agencies and other healthcare providers whose software simply automates things you used to do? The vendor you chose 3 to 5 years ago may not be the vendor to carry you forward. You can and must do better. 

Does your vendor have a clear vision for their role in helping you to participate in accountable care? Can they connect you to collaborative models that have already emerged and on which your business will increasingly depend? Maybe they're even paying this some lip service...promises promises. If they aren't showing you the way there is a reason for it.

Ankota customers already do this. They collaborate electronically with partners, share care plans and schedules, track work in real time and share analysis and reports with their partners. Their process is entirely electronic and saves substantial time and money almost imediately. That's why Ankota therapy agencies typically grow very fast, their therapists are happier, and they are connected with ecosystems of other providers.  They operate efficiently and are desireable to do business with: they rapidly become the provider of choice. 

The agency I visited chose Ankota for these reasons, and every one of their staff understand this. We genuinely appreciate the trust that all of our customers place in us when they choose to do business with us. We take the commitments we make to you seriously and enjoy contributing to your success.

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