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Learning at the National Accountable Care Expo

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Accountable Care (ACO) models are gaining tremendous momentum under healthcare reform -- because they make good economic sense and improve patients' lives. The nation's healthcare providers are seeking practical advice to guide them in fitting in to these new healthcare delivery models and the National Accountable Care Expo promises to be a great forum for these duscussions this week in Las Vegas, NV (Nov 15-16 at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino).  The program will help providers consider these problems and better position their own services for Accountable Care models The program for this expo is well planned and well timed for the state of health care today and Ankota is proud to deliver the keynote address - we hope to see you there!

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Ecosystems of providers are rapidly emerging which will control large shares of the services that many of Ankota's readers provide. The fact is, if you are a healthcare provider of any kind, you simply must position your business to be a valued part of these ecosystems. In business, when you are left out of a collaborative model like this, it's called disintermediation. Post acute providers such as home health nursing, physical and occupational therapy, and others are at great risk of being disintermediated if they do not adjust their business practices now. The consequences are severe: both revenue and profit margins will suffer dramatically and many businesses will undoubtedly fail. You can't do much to help patients if you don't remain in business. 

Fortunately, this change is for the better and presents tremendous new opportunities for providers of all types. Overall cost of care has been shown to decrease as a result of Accountable Care programs while patient outcomes improve, and patients live healthier, happier lives. Tremendous opportunities exist for post acute providers in particular, as post acute services will serve as a primary delivery model for many types of care. The need to coordinate these services and operate them efficiently will only increase. Providers that engage in these ecosystems and demonstrate their value along the way will thrive and their businesses will grow. Read: they get to help more patients and grow their business! 

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So what should you do? For starters, get involved in the discussions like those that will take place at the Accountable Care Expo this week.

If you're already "at the table" as part of a hospital or ACO, then your concern is about building your own ecosystem by collaborating with desirable partners. The partners you work with in these models usually provide services that you do not or provide them better than you can. Often they operate in mobile delivery models that are better suited to provide care at home, in assisted living or skilled nursing facilities. Post acute services like physical therapy, infusion nursing and even private duty home care are examples of those services.

If you are a provider of post acute services, then you have to position yourself to be the most desirable of options for the ACO system. You must understand your value, learn how to express it, and put systems in place that help you demonstrate your value to the ecosystem. You could be a low cost provider, or a premium provider that delivers better results or is easier to do business with. Or, you might be able to handle larger volumes of patients more efficiently. Take steps to be able to prove this before, during and after you provide the services, and institute a culture of constant improvement.

As more care is delivered outside of hospital settings, new types of cooperation will emerge just as they have in other industries. The ACO Expo is a great place to hear about them and plan for ways to integrate your business into the new healthcare ecosystem.

If you'll be there, please find Ankota's CEO Will Hicklen and introduce yourself after the keynote presentation Thursday morning!

See related news item here Ankota CEO to Deliver Keynote Address at National Conference on Accountable Care Expo

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