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APTA Seeks Ideas for NPTM "Fit After Fifty" Campaign

APTA Fit After Fifty

Physical Therapy agencies that provide therapy in homes and assisted living facilities are one of Ankota's fastest growing customers (much to the dismay of our competition!), so we LOVE to support the APTA in its initiatives! APTA says that members will hear much more about this campaign in the coming months, and they are soliciting submissions now from members:  

This October during National Physical Therapy Month (NPTM), APTA will be launching "Fit After 50," a multi-faceted public relations campaign aimed at helping people keep mobile as they age. In the coming weeks and months APTA members will hear much more about this campaign. In the meantime, APTA needs members' help in identifying tips to help Baby Boomers remain mobile and prevent injury after age 50. What advice do you give your patients? APTA is looking for unique ideas and tips, which could possibly be featured during the campaign in its social and traditional media relations efforts. E-mail public-relations@apta.org with your tips as soon as possible.

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