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Health Care's Trillion Dollar Disruption and Why You Should Care

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"...new patient-centered population health models will cause more than $1 trillion of value to rotate from the old models to the new and create more than a dozen new $10 billion high-growth markets."

It's already happening: why should you, as a provider, care?

Why should Hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations and post acute providers care about this dramatic shift? After all, you're still going to get paid for delivering services, right? THINK AGAIN! This shift will have a PROFOUND impact on every provider. You will either benefit from participating in new models of care, or you will suffer a painful death by being disintermediated.

Disintermediated? Cut out. Left behind. Irrelevant. Out of business.

As reported in FORBES last month, and detailed in the Oliver Wyman paper you can download here, "Healthcare innovators are already redefining healthcare value, putting patients first and inventing with little regard for current constraints. They have ignited a powerful, self-funding upward spiral by focusing first on healthcare’s big opportunities, transforming the value equation, generating large savings, and fueling smart reinvestment in the next wave of innovation." 

Ask yourself this: Am I among the trillion dollars worth of healthcare business that goes away?

Read the FORBES article in its entirety here and link to the Oliver Wyman white paper.

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