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Philips Healthcare Address to the HME Industry

"We will need to find ways to do more with less."

Phillips Health Care Letter to the HME Industry

Philips Respironics

Philips Healthcare: "Along with you, we are disappointed by the recent CMS Competitive Bidding Round 2 Reimbursement Cuts announcement."

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March 5, 2013

Dear Homecare Provider:

Along with you, we are disappointed by the recent CMS Competitive Bidding Round 2 Reimbursement Cuts announcement. Knowing the provision of many life-saving homecare products and services is so critical to the success and even to the survival of providers like you, we are also disappointed by the extent of those cuts and the lack of transparency demonstrated throughout Round 2 of the Competitive Bidding process. At this crucial time, we remain committed to working as your ally to find viable solutions for these changing times. We will continue our efforts to drive innovative solutions and to provide added value opportunities for you and your business, while also continuing our efforts in Washington to influence policy in a way that will benefit all in the long term.

Faced with this unfortunate development, the number one priority for all of us must be to preserve the integrity of patient care. We will need to find ways to do more with less. Fortunately, ongoing collaboration with you has enabled us to introduce meaningful technologies and programs that may help reduce some of the sting. Tools like EncoreAnywhere were developed with input from providers like you and quickly became an invaluable resource to care teams who need efficient, remote access to vital patient information.

Today, patients are now able to manage more of their own care through feedback, troubleshooting and motivation with the use of SleepMapper, a new-to-the-industry innovation that was, again, inspired by our customers. Ideas such as the innovative Fit for Life program which offers resupply services with the purchase of a mask were developed for the changing industry model and are there to encourage long-term patient compliance, and to help you deliver practical ongoing care with less strain on your resources. REMstar Pro with Auto-Trial/CPAP-Check can provide efficient patient management as it helps to optimize pressure settings for home sleep testing patients, while providing them the long-term benefits of fixed pressure. Homecare provider focused retail programs and merchandising tools help to expand your offerings into new solutions beyond managed care. And our robust education and Partner Programs will be further bolstered to help you stay informed and stay a step ahead. 

HMEs Find Ways to Do More with Less - Click Here!

We approach our pledge to homecare providers like you with more resolve than ever. We will continue to lead the drive toward healthier patients, healthier practices and healthier businesses. And you can be sure we will be working even more closely with you to improve the likelihood of ongoing success. In the coming weeks and months, our team will be reaching out to you regularly to discuss your needs and present specific, real-world solutions that can help you immediately and set the stage for your future success.

The Competitive Bidding Round 2 Reimbursement Cuts is just the latest evidence that our industry is changing. Undoubtedly, we will face countless new challenges on our journey ahead. But through a concerted and collaborative effort, we will find optimal solutions and emerge stronger. Those who are open minded, willing to adapt and able to make the transition will be the ones who will ultimately realize success. As your allies, all of us at Philips Respironics are committed to help you make that transition.

We look forward to working with you through this latest challenge. In the interim, we want to hear from you. Share your thoughts and ideas by contacting us at sleep.respiratory@philips.com.



Brent Shafer
Philips Home Healthcare Solutions
John Frank
Sr. VP/GM, Sleep and Respiratory Care
Philips Home Healthcare Solutions
Tel: 724-387-5200
Fax: 724-387-5010


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