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Changing Private Duty Software Isn't As Hard as You Think!

When we first started Ankota and launched our home care software for private duty home care agencies, we went to the trade show of the National Private Duty Agency (NPDA), which has since been renamed to the Home Care Association of America.  This organization caters to established agencies with employee caregivers and most had revenue over $2 million per year.

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People loved our software and it was a great reinforcement for what we were doing.  But when we asked if they'd be interested, we got the same answer a lot of times.  They said, "I like your software so much more than what we're using, but since it's up and running and we know how to use it, we just can't consider changing..."  

Changing Home Care Software is Not So Hard!

In the past three weeks, we helped two organizations go live with over 300 clients.  One was in Iowa and was acquiring an agency and started using Ankota for the first time.  The other is an Ankota customer in Canada that has been with us for a several years and is also acquiring a company that will result in them opening two new offices.  In both cases, the transition was quite easy.  

Here's the minimum you need to prepareso you'll be able to change to better software:

Information you Know, but should Compile:

  • Basic Agency Information: Like name, address, phone, fax
  • Billing/Payroll Approach and Rates: Do you price based on the services that you provide? With rates negotiated per client? With rates based on the referral source? etc.  Do you pay based on the type of service, based on rates set for each caregiver, based on negotiated rate with client, etc.?  Also, what are your bill and pay rates and special charging rules (holiday, overtime, times of day, etc.)
  • Service Types: What types of visits do you schedule (hourly, live-in, CNA vs. Companion, supervisory nursing visits, etc.)Home Care
  • Master Care Plan Checklist: What are all of the checklist items that you may put on checklists for your caregivers.  Note that it helps organize them if you categorize them.

Data to Prepare in Excel Spreadsheets:

  • Client information: such as Name, Address, Phones, Date of Birth Gender
  • Care Giver Information: Name, Address, Phones, Date of Birth, Gender
  • Payer Information: If most of your clients are billed directly this shouldn't be an issue, but if you have lots of family payers, programs that pay, long term care insurance, you should organize this information.
  • Scheduling Patterns: If you have 50 or less clients, it's probably easiest to enter the schedules in the application, but if you have many more, there might be a way for these to be uploaded.
  • Client Specific Care Plans: Which items are required for each client?
Advanced Data Conversion:
The information above represents the basics to convert and go live.  You can also convert client historical notes, caregiver historical notes, historical visits, and more.  
The most important question is WHY to switch...  This can (and will) be the topic of numerous other blog articles, but make sure that you have a good reason (like cutting down your admin time so you can spend more time on client service and sales, or upgrading so that you can connect electronically with family members and referral sources).
If you are interested in making a change, or understanding the effort in more detail, click on the button below and we'd be happy to help you.
Can we answer home care software questions?
Ankota provides software to improve the delivery of care outside the hospital, focusing on efficiency and care coordination. Today Ankota services home health therapy, private duty care, DME Delivery, and care coordination in accountable care organizations, behavioral health, dental care in nursing homes, and more. Ankota is always interested to learn about care coordination challenges where we can help. To learn more, please visit www.ankota.com or contact Ankota.

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