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Social Work Reduces Avoidable Readmissions by Half

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Many Care Transitions Initiatives and Avoidable Readmissions efforts already recognize that social work or other behavioral health services are a key component to the health care ecosystem. Still, many more struggle with how to consistently integrate and coordinate social services with the medical model which is itself not well coordinated. This piece in Fierce Healthcare makes the point that a systemic approach to care that consistently integrates social work into the model both improves results and lowers overall costs. Ankota's technology already helps programs like this coordinate medical and non-medical services in models such as this and allows providers to do so on larger scale and with greater efficiency.

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The study adds to a growing evidence showing integrating health and social services can lead to significant savings for hospitals. 

"A social worker can create savings equal to his own salary and benefits just by preventing seven readmissions a year--and the patient's quality of life is improved significantly in the process," Shawn Berkowitz, medical director of the study, said in the statement.

The article also references research conducted in the UK that shows that discharges can be accelerated when social services are included. This is the result of faster and more complete assessments when social work is included in the model. 


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Read more: Study: Social work interventions reduce readmission rates by half - FierceHealthcare http://www.fiercehealthcare.com/story/study-social-work-interventions-reduce-readmission-rates-half/2013-07-05#ixzz2ZmuSxLGH 

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